Some more personal "just for fun" stuff, in case you're interested...
I wouldn't really call myself a programmer, a lot of the newer high-level scripting stuff goes above my head. That said, I don't really identify with a lot of things that I still do have a bit of experience with. Here's a Win32 API graphical interface I wrote using C++ in high school. Why Windows API? I didn't have admin rights to school computers, and couldn't install resources such as Qt. It also is useful to have a bit of a grasp on to be able to call Win32 API functions from assembly for hinstance (that was a bad joke).
Quite rough "IRC client" I wrote in Java back in 2016 (I was 16). I don't really know Java, but there you have it. The focus of this was the GUI and .ser save files, as I recall. Plus the fun little icosahedron gif I made. I used a library to handle the actual IRC networking, and essentially passed console output to a text window. I'm not going to pretend like I knew what I was doing. But to my surprise, it still works in 2021.
Neural network shenanigans.
Here's me doing a varial kickflip and an embarrassing picture of me hanging out with tony hawk. Do with that information as you wish.
Here's me playing the second Comfortably Numb solo. Apologies for the bad editing, I was going for the "70s version of trippy" at the time, and I don't have a copy without the experimentalism.
Playing some Stevie Ray Vaughan back in high school. This song is impossible.
Cover of "Wish You Were Here," plus the solo from "Mother." This is the type of thing that got me into video work, what feels like forever ago.
Part of "Mad Rush" by Philip Glass at a music store in Cincinnati. I need to record a better version someday, but I just wanted to get a little piano on here.
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