What's the big deal?
So obviously this photo has to have an interesting background considering that I'm giving it its own section. This was taken around 4am, on TMAX 100 film that I loaded into a canister from a 100ft roll I have. Yes, it looks rough. The goal of this shot wasn't to look pretty.
This was a test shot to see if I had found a proper way to practically develop film using limited resources. I've always wondered how possible it would be to do this, turns out to be very possible, and very easy.
So, this is a photo that was developed without using any photographic chemicals. I processed this from start to finish using $15-20 worth of things bought from Walgreens and PetSmart. These things were:
- Folger's Instant Coffee, Classic Roast
- Vitamin C
- Arm & Hammer baking soda (must be broken down to sodium carbonate on stovetop)
- Top Fin Aquarium Water Conditioner (anything with enough sodium thiosulfate)
I am still experimenting, but that's why this is cool.
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